Windows and Mobile Edition for Jiva Library!

Updated with new software! Welcome to the first edition of Jiva Digital Library software. This platform is the brainchild of Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa who has dedicated himself to preserving ancient Indian literature.

The Jiva Institute of Vaishnava Studies aims to make the wisdom contained in these old Sanskrit texts accessible for the world’s benefit. It maintains a well organized and comprehensive library containing more than 10,000 texts in Sanskrit, English, and Hindi. It also houses over 5,000 handwritten books and rare manuscripts in Sanskrit, Bengali and Brajabhasha, which are written on handmade paper, mango leaves and tree bark. The Jiva team is digitizing these texts and offers them through the “Jiva Library”.

This is the beta edition. The final edition of this software will be released soon.

The mobile application will work on following platforms:

 + Android Mobiles
+ Android Touch Screen Tablets
+ Google TV
Target Devices: Hand Held Devices, Touch Screen Tablets.


2 thoughts on “Windows and Mobile Edition for Jiva Library!”

  1. This is astonishingly fantastic!!!! I have downloaded the app and it works great!!!

    Great work again Jiva!!!!!

    In case you have trouble with the download link, I was able to download from this URL. I use Google Chrome and sometimes download links can cause problems. Other Chrome Users may find the below link helpful.

    Radhe Radhe!!!!

  2. Dearest Babaji,

    With gratitude and joy, thank you for the treasures!

    Jai Jiva Institute
    Jai Vrindavan
    Jai Radhe
    Jai Krsna

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