Six Obstacles in Bhakti

Question: Can you please explain the meaning of the six obstacles in bhakti: kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya.


Answer: Kama literally means desire but more commonly is translated as lust, which is one of the most preoccupying desires of the human mind.

Krodha (anger): When kama is obstructed anger arises.

Lobha (greed): If kama is fulfilled, one becomes greedy to have more of it.

Moha (delusion): When there is anger or greed one becomes deluded. One does not see the things as they are.

Mada (pride or intoxication): If one is successful in greed, one becomes proud and intoxicated. Anger leads to another type of intoxication. Anger brings pride. Angry persons will disrespect others as an outcome of mada.

Matsarya (envy): The last outcome of the series is envy. Such a person does not want anyone to surpass him. This is the outcome of pride.