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Shastra Quiz 23

This quiz is designed to motivate you to study the Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava scriptures in specific, and the Sad Darshanas in general, which are necessary to understand Gauḍīya philosophy properly.



Jnana or knowledge related to bhakti is also part of bhakti. In fact, hearing, which includes studying shastra, is the first limb of bhakti. Learning, followed by consolidating and then testing our knowledge in the form of a quiz is a fun and effective way to help us retain information.

This quiz is in multiple-choice questions format. (MCQs). If you see the response that you anticipated simply click on it. The quiz will immediately show which answers are correct or incorrect so we can learn as we go.

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There are four types of pralaya, or dissolution, described in the Purāṇas and Vedānta, namely; nitya (constant), prākṛta (total), naimittika (occasional), and ātyantika (ultimate). When does prākṛta-laya occur?

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In the traditional Indian philosophical system of argumentation, what is the general procedure to analyze a definition?

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What is kāmāvasāyitā-siddhi?

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What is the concept of saṅghāta-vāda?

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Which of the following concepts are true in the philosophy of Cārvāka Muni?

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When do we say that a sentence has tātparya-anupapatti?

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Why are the topics of creation and dissolution delineated in Śrīmad Bhāgavata?

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How do we gain knowledge of Kṛṣṇa and His various manifestations?

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Bhagavān is full of bliss, knowledge, energy and opulence, so why is He not perceived by everyone, at all times and in all places?

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Which of the following statements about vaidhī-bhakti is false?

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