“Art of Love” at Jiva Institute

From March 10th to 17th Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa will teach the seminar “ART OF LOVE” at Jiva Institute in Vrindavan.

Everyone is looking for happiness. Some seek it in food, some in sports, some in wealth, and some in sex. But real happiness is found only in love. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what love is, so it keeps slipping through their fingers. If a business venture fails, the entrepreneur hires a consultant to examine the reasons for the failure. But when we fail in love, we never think to learn the basics. We assume we already know what love is and how to get it. That misconception leads to more failure and frustration.

This course teaches the alpha and omega of pure love, the qualification required to attain it, and the process to get it so that one’s life can be filled with bliss.  Although everyone is eligible for love, and love is the ultimate goal of life, we still need certain qualifications to be successful on the path of love.  If we are serious about love, just as in any pursuit, we better know what it takes to attain it. But we never think to learn the basics of love – we assume we know what love is and how to get it.  This is the biggest misconception and cause of our failure.  This seminar is unique in teaching the fundamental concept of love.  If we realize the principles taught in this course, we will feel fulfilment in our life.

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