Radha and Krishna on Govardhan Hill / Vrindavan Art

Miscellaneous Questions on Philosophy


Question: Bhakti doesn’t come by tapasya, but because of Grace and through association. It is yadrcchaya. However, according to Mahabharata, the bhakti to the Supreme Lord arises in the heart of an individual as a result of penances performed in the thousands of the previous birth. What is the reason for giving a different explanation of bhakti?

Answer: Sometimes some statements are made which appeal to people, but have  a hidden meaning.  Sanskrit is a language with many meanings.



Question: Is there any difference in hearing  Hari Katha directly or hearing the lectures of the Vaishnavas?

Answer: When you hear directly you can feel the speaker’s energy and soak it in. You can also ask questions.

Radha and Krishna on Govardhan Hill / Vrindavan Art


Jiva and Atma

Question: I want to know difference between jiva and the soul.

Answer: The soul in its pure state is called atma which is translated as soul. When the same soul becomes conditioned by karma or desires for material enjoyment it is called jiva. That is the situation of the soul in the material world. But sometimes the words are also used interchangeably.


Upanishads and Kama Sutra

Question: The Upanishads state that everything is a sacrifice – including the sex act in which woman’s sexual organs are seen as the sacrificial altar and the man’s seed is thrown into it as an oblation. Moreover, sex was mainly propagated for having children. Is this in some ways contradictory to the teachings of Kamasutra which does not put such limitations on sexual enjoyment?

Does it mean that Upanishads were meant for Brahmanas only?

Answer: There are four purusarthas. The Kamasutra deals with kama and the Upanisads with moksha, hence they have a different outlook.