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YOGUIOLA is a magazine that was created under the premise to bring everything related to the world of yoga, healthy eating, and the broad field of alternative and natural therapies, to all types of audiences. Last April, Yoguiola, which is managed by Ara Vercher and Marta García, had the opportunity to interview Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa, who will visit Valencia (Spain) next year.

YO: What inspired you to dedicate your life to studying the sacred texts of India, and how did it come about?

Babaji lecturingBabaji SND: I have had the inclination to study the scriptures from my very childhood. As far back in my life as I can remember I have always had the desire to know the truth, the reality of things. When growing up I was very interested in studying Mahabharata and Ramayana, as well as the other scriptures of India, such as the Puranas. Then of course I went to school, to engineering college, but the desire was always there inside to study the scriptures. I had to follow my parents and what they told me to do, but when I grew up, then this desire became very intense. Therefore I dedicated my life to it. I gave up my job and started studying the scriptures.

YO: How much time per day do you dedicate to your study of the scriptures?

Babaji: At least four or five hours I dedicate to this. I would like to dedicate more, but because I am the director of Jiva Institute, I have many other responsibilities. So I study for four or five hours, I do writing and teaching, but still I manage to study because that is my passion in life.

YO: You mentioned that besides studying you are busy as the director of Jiva Institute and also you travel. What does it mean for you to dedicate your life to travel and giving conferences and classes?

Babaji: I see that in present society, there is strife and unhappiness – people are suffering. Even those people who have all necessary facilities, such as a nice house, a job, adequate food and a family – husband, wife, children –  they are still not happy, and I know that the reason is because they do not have knowledge of life – what it is about, why we exist here, what the true purpose of life is, how to actually have a loving relationship, how to have a nice family life. They miss this knowledge, because it is not being taught in any school, college, or university. So I feel there is a need to disseminate this knowledge, and that is why I travel and give conferences.

YO: The fourth question refers to your studies: What is implicated in the study of these scriptures?

Babaji: What is implicated is that you have to have a proper teacher – that is the most important thing. You cannot understand the scriptures by yourself. You must have a qualified, experienced teacher, which I was fortunate to have. Of course now my teacher is no more, he died about one and a half years ago. I actually had two very qualified teachers in my life from whom I studied for more than twenty years. If you do not have a qualified teacher, then it is difficult to understand the scriptures. A qualified teacher is one who has studied himself, or herself, and is leading a life according to the scriptures. It is not just a matter of study, as you study science, physics or maths, beyond that you have to actually live your life according to the scriptures and then only will you understand the true meaning behind them. So that is the real implication involved.

YO: Do you think in the present times there is increased interest in the scriptures and philosophy, or practice of yoga in general?

Babaji: I would not say more in general, but certainly more in the West, not in India. Unfortunately, Indian people, although this knowledge is indigenous to them, and they can easily understand it, they don’t have much interest in it, because they are very much enamoured by Western culture – if you want to use the word culture -, the Western way of life. However, in the West many people have become disillusioned by their own so called progress – material progress – and they are not satisfied with it. So they are looking towards the East, especially towards India. There is a rapidly growing interest in Yoga, in Ayurveda, in Indian schools of philosophy, Bhakti Yoga, and Kirtan. Kirtan, as you know, is becoming very popular as part of Bhakti Yoga. So, yes, more people are taking interest here in the West and that is now having a knock-on effect with the result that it is coming back to India and many educated Indians are themselves becoming interested in it.

YO: Thank you very much for your time, and we are happy to have you in Spain next year in Valencia (Spain).

Babaji: Oh, this is my pleasure, thank you. Muchas gracias.

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