Impressions from Poland

From June, 17th until 22nd the two brothers Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa and Dr. Partap Chauhan visited the Mustafa Ranch in Bobolin, Poland, to offer morning and evening workshops. While Babaji was teaching about “Love and Relationships”, Dr. Chauhan’s topic was Ayurveda.

Yajna in Bobolin with Babaji and Dr. Partap (middle)
Yajna in Bobolin with Babaji and Dr. Partap (middle)

The following is are impressions which one of the participants left in memorial book of the Mustafa Ranch after the seminars:

“For the fourth time I had the great pleasure to participate in the Ayurveda seminar at the magic “Noah’s Ark”- Ranczo Mustafa in Bobolin. Every year I expand my knowledge and practical skills concerning Body, Mind and Soul balance.

My thank goes to the wonderful, unusual teachers Dr. Satyanarayana Das and Dr. Partap Chauhan from “Jiva Institute” who are coming from India  -a  far-away country, but very close to my heart. Incredible and extremely unusual was the fact that in a short period of time all participants were connected with each other. What I observed was “Soul Alchemy” which was lit by the “Fire of Love”.

Babaij, Beata, Partap
Babaij, Beata, Dr. Partap

Spending time in Bobolin is like Panchakarma – getting cleaned, being healed and being regenerated, which gives the power in everyday life. The seminar this year was special and extraordinary because of the women who worked with dedication and big effort, with their heart full of love. Thanks to Beata Hansli, Edyta Sicińska and Kamila Berny who created a unique atmosphere during the whole seminar. It is hard to believe how wonderful every day started with “Surya namaskar” – greetings to the Sun – with a fresh breeze of wind in the face, a lecture which raised our conscious, dance and music which fed the soul and meditations. The last day ended  with a Vedic ceremony lighting the Holy Fire in the Kupała day. It was possible only by the magic of being, and the unity of our Souls and Hearts.

“Charm to secure harmony”

1. Unity of heart, and unity of mind, freedom from hatred, do I procure for
you. Do ye taken delight in one another, as a cow in her ( new-) born calf !
2. The son shall be devoted to his father, be of the same mind with his
mother; the wife shall speak honeyed, sweet words to her husband!
3. The brother  shall not hate the brother, and sister not the sister!
Harmonious, devoted to the same purpose, speak ye words in kindly spirit!
4. This charm which cause the gods not to disagree, and not to hate one
another, that do we in your house, as a means of agreement for your folk.
5. Following your leader, of (the same) mind, do ye not yourselves apart ! Do
ye come here, cooperating, going along the same wagon-pole, speaking
agreeably to one another! I render you of the same aim of the same mind.
6. Identical shall be your drink, in common shall be your shade of food! I
yoke you together in the same traces: do ye worship Agni, joining together, as
spokes around about the hub !
7. I render you of the same aim, of the same mind, all paying deference to
one person through my harmonising charm. Like the gods that are guarding the
ambrosia, may he ( the leader) be well-disposed towards you, night and day !

Atharva Veda III.30. 1-7

Best wishes,
Dr. Dominika Zakrzewska

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  1. Wonderful to see this LOVE spreading.
    Gratitude to Babaji and Partap, and everyone there.

  2. Dr.Dominika,
    Thank you for sharing your impressions. It sounds like it was a magical time. So happy to know the Ayurveda and True Love have taken root in Poland! May the flowerof these Divine Plants bear many fruits for all who participated in the workshop!!

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