From Virtual Reality to Absolute Reality

Dr. Satyanarayana Dasa, the founder of Jiva Institute of Vaishnava Studies in Vrindavan, UP, has developed a computer simulation model of historical Vrindavan. This project could revolutionize the way people visualize history and visit historical monuments in Vrindavan and perform manasi seva. The simulated model allows people to visit monuments and environments of the past using state of the art virtual reality technology: Go back in time!

Virtual Reality: Prema Sarovara
Virtual Reality: Prema Sarovara

The first phase of the project is ready allowing users to view two historical sites (Prema Sarovara and Radha Kunda) which can be explored in a three dimensional manner from various viewpoints. For instance, the first site which has been developed is Prema Sarovara, the holy pond between Nandagaon and Barsana where Sri Radha and Sri Krishna met for the first time. Users can dive into the water of this serene, large sized pond or stroll around in the nearby beautiful orchards.

Dr. Dasa has also developed a specialized interface which will allow people to navigate in historical worlds with the power of thoughts. The Managing Editor of the magazine Rahasya Maya, Mr. Ajay Mishra, visited his research lab and is highly impressed with the research work and computer simulation model, ”a unique contribution, with great potential!”

As per Dr. Dasa, users will be now able to navigate with-in historical worlds and their avatars will be controlled with human thoughts (no keyboard or mouse is required) using specialized computer simulation hardware and software which is being specially developed by him.

Virtual Reality: Prema Sarovara
Virtual Reality: Prema Sarovara

This model may also be used as an aid to practice manasi seva which is an important part of raganuga bhakti. One can have one’s own avatara (manjari svarupa) or spiritual representative within this virtual Vrindavan and by meditation can render seva to Radha and Krishna as one does by one’s manjari svarupa. While doing manasi seva one meditates on one’s siddha deha and executes the assigned service to Sri Radha and Krishna. In this model, one can practice meditation while actually seeing one’s own avatara performing the service because the model operates through one’s thoughts, with the result that the service naturally will be rendered through the mind. One does not need to operate the computer by using a mouse as the program has been designed in a manner which requires only the user’s thoughts and the hardware created by Dr Dasa.

This is the first time that such technology is being utilized for devotional service and spiritual advancement. In society at present it is being used, or rather misused, for playing games which are usually either violent or rajasic. Young children today spend endless hours in front of the computer, numbing their brains and creating miserable samskaras. This model will help people in controlling their minds, becoming sattvic and ultimately accepting pure devotion. In Bhagavat Purana, Sri Narada Muni instructs tasmat kenapy upayena manah krsne nivesaye (SB 7.1.32): Therefore, by any means one should absorb one’s mind in Krishna. Usually technology works against tradition and culture. However, it can also be used to protect and preserve it.

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Virtual Reality: Prema Sarovara

Dr. Dasa did his B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering 1976. Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, then M.Tech., Industrial Engineering 1978; Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He is also M.A. Sanskrit and Ph.D. 2002, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra, U.P., India
(thesis: ‘An Analysis of Bhakti Sandarbha’).

2 thoughts on “From Virtual Reality to Absolute Reality”

  1. Dandavat pranams. How wonderful that you’ve taken virtual reality to heart. Do you have any plans to place your buildings in any of the online VR communities? It would be so nice for people to explore. Our community, Bhaktiville in Second Life, celebrates it’s 3-year anniversary this coming Gaura Purnima. Would love to help with this project. Please contact me. Jaya Radhe Syama!

    1. Reply by SND:

      We are venturing into virtual reality stream with the aim to develop 5000 years old photo realistic historical Vedic Vrindavan. We did a lot of research on R&D in the past years and our first offering is a software product called “Digital Historical Vrindavan”. It is a desktop software which people can install on their computer and then they can visit historical Prema Sarovar and Radha Kund. The software offer’s photorealistic digital worlds of the past.

      Our next product is going to work online and we are soon offering Vedic Vrindavan of the past. Present online platforms such as Second Life cannot offer high end rendering, hence we are developing our own online platform to deploy photo realistic Vedic Vrindavan.

      I hope we will be able to launch it by the end of this year. You are welcome to visit us at Jiva Institute in Vrindavan and let’s talk how we can jointly offer wonderful products.

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