Enjoyment and Sex

Question: I understand that it is intoxicating and thereby leads towards other activities that could cause bondage and I also recognize that  being ”in” a body of senses enjoyment is unavoidable. Indeed the aim is to make sense enjoyment spiritual by enjoying with Krishna but does this extend to all forms of enjoyment – for instance sex too?

Answer: The idea is to give up the concept of enjoyment independently. That is binding. We can enjoy food either independently, or offer it to Krishna and take it as his prasad. The difference lies in consciousness. This rule applies to everything including sex.

Q: Of all activities, sex seems to be the one most emphasized. Why is that?

A: Sex cannot be enjoyed unless one completely identifies with the physical body. Therefore this act puts you in complete ignorance of your true self. Actually enjoyment is very illusive and this we do not realize when we are in ignorance. Once one has got a peep into higher pleasure these material pleasures lose all attraction. In fact they appear quite stupid – a waste of time and energy. Ultimately one gets nothing out of it.