Bhakti-Yoga: The Path of Love

by Satyanarayana Dasa

In our search for happiness, we strive for materialistic gains to please our body and mental-sensual faculties. However, our desires are never exhausted, and we keep on working for more. That is why, in spite of the material comforts and good spiritual health, we remain dissatisfied. The solution lies simply in moderation.

To know what is proper for the body, mind and soul is the foundation of a happy life. Sufficient wealth is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle; but in our greed to accumulate more wealth, we overburden the mind and are unable to find peace and happiness.

In our craving for more, we have become completely isolated, lonely and imbalanced. We have forgotten the joy of sharing. For this reason, the scriptures advise us to share with others our knowledge, our services, or our wealth.

Those who have tasted the mood of service know that to give to others brings more joy than to keep everything for one’s self. Selfless service yields immense joy and satisfaction. Especially when done with the purpose of pleasing God, it brings complete happiness.